#1 Translation Sensation! Congratulations, Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard!

#1 Translation Sensation!

Congratulations, Gwendolyn!



Heart of Night

A Nightlife Short Story

 by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard

Lady Jannessa Guillory was the daughter of an ambassador, and therefore it was her duty to marry to her station, and to help her father. Yet, the night called to her in such a way she couldn’t deny it. And when a voice found her in the dark, she knew she couldn’t stop her own passions.



en Française


Au Coeur de la Nuit

Lady Jannessa Guillory était la fille d’un Ambassadeur, et par conséquent il était de son devoir envers son père de recevoir et gérer le foyer, pour se marier dans sa  position… et être très obéissante. Toutefois, la nuit l’appelait de telle manière qu’elle ne pouvait la nier. Et même une voix la trouvait dans les ténèbres, elle savait qu’elle ne pouvait aller contre ses propres passions.



in Italiano


Il Cuore della Notte

Lady Jannessa Guillory era la figlia di un ambasciatore, e pertanto era suo compito aiutare suo padre a gestire e mantenere la casa, sposarsi con qualcuno al suo livello… ed essere sempre obbediente. Eppure la notte la chiamava in un modo che non poteva negare. E quando una voce la trovò nell’oscurità, seppe che non poteva frenare la propria passione.




em Português


Coração Noturno

Lady Jannessa Guillory era filha de um embaixador e, portanto, era seu dever ajudar seu pai a entreter e a administrar a casa, casar-se com sua função… e sempre ser obediente. Contudo, a noite a atraía de tal forma que ela não podia negar. E quando uma voz a encontrou na escuridão, ela sabia que não poderia parar suas próprias paixões.




en Español


El Corazón de la Noche

La señorita Jannessa Guillory era la hija de un embajador y se esperaba de ella que cumpliese con su deber: casarse con una persona de su misma clase y ayudar a su padre. Sin embargo, la noche le llamaba de tal manera que no podía rechazarla. Y cuando una voz la encontró en la oscuridad, sabía que no podía frenar sus pasiones.



Also Available through

Nook, Kobo, iBooks, GooglePlay, Kindle, !Indigo, Bucher.de, Angus & Robertson, WHSmith, Thalia, 24 Symbols, Scribd, and more!





Video CVR clip

Heart of Night  Sneak Peek Video






Gwendolyn Author Pic 1

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard


Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband.  With the mixture of cats,  dogs and possibly a dragon or two,  she writes around the house noise and loves it.

NOTE from Kimberlee, Managing Editor Vanilla Heart Publishing

We first met Gwendolyn a couple years back, when she auditioned and then did the voice acting and production on of some of our first audiobooks. As one of the owners of Gypsy Audio, we heard she’d written some of the fabulous audiodramas there, and our curiousity grew and grew… when I asked her if she might consider writing a novel or short stories, imagine my excitement when she said she would… and now, has!



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Where to find Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard online

Website: https://AuthorGwendolynJensenWoodard.wordpress.com

Twitter: @gjensenwoodard

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GJensenWoodardAuthor

Blog: https://AuthorGwendolynJensenWoodard.wordpress.com





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