Jock Talks… Politics Election Season 2016 Edition by Malcolm R. Campbell

Election Season 2016 Edition


Jock Talks… Politics

by Malcolm R. Campbell


Take a break from politics this crazy political season and ENJOY Jock Stewart’s take on the odd and the silly, the unbelievable, and the astounding…

Election Season 2016 Edition


The stories in this book appeared in Morning Satirical News, a weblog dedicated to satirizing real and/or imagine events. The offerings here represent a selection of the good, the weird and the utterly insane of investigative reporter Jock Stewart’s news stories and Night Beat columns.

Stewart, who refutes charges that he was raised either by alligators or hyenas, believes that modern-day journalism would be going to hell in a hand basket if hand baskets were still readily available. He has chosen to make his stand for old-fashioned reporting at the Junction City Star-Gazer, a newspaper that—while run by fools and buffoons—knows the difference between real news and “stuff that sounds like real news.”

Use of this volume while drunk has not been authorized by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.





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