Cover Reveal! Cry of the Fish Eagle by Paul Zunckel

Cover Reveal!

Sunrise over the Zambezi river

Cry of the Fish Eagle

A Piet van Zyl Adventure Thriller

by Paul Zunckel

Coming Soon!

Over the years, long before the Europeans came to Zambia, natives told of the fierce creatures, Kongamato, inhabiting the swamplands and terrorizing their villages. The fear died down for a time, the softly whispered stories never did.


After Kongamato escapes from the lair where it had been buried alive, the fears rise again. Kongamato speaks. It rules the natives. It demands human sacrifice. It collects souls for Satan. And now, Piet van Zyl must fight for his life, and save the locals from the beast.


Title clip 1 CVR

Cry of the Fish Eagle Video Preview




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