Vanilla Heart Publishing’s Own Lauren Shiro Wins Lesbian of the Year!

 Reader's Choice Award

Keystone Alliance/Gaylife Newsletter


Lauren new pic 2013

Lauren Shiro


“Lauren has been a loyal columnist of our national publication for five years. She has devoted many hours into creating opportunity for our publication to hear her voice clearly with power, with adventure, and with insight into her lifestyle with her column, The Uneven Bars. The efforts that she has put into everything that she has contributed to our newsletter has been advantageous not just for her but for our newsletter and for our readers. We have appreciated all the efforts that she has put into with her work here with us to the suggestions and ideas of time that she has passed on to us and, most importantly, we have appreciated the fact that she works in a team effort without fear in making our publication the best that it can be. You can ask for no better a writer or individual than her at this time. … We fully support her efforts and her professionalism as a writer and congratulate her on being awarded The Lesbian Of the Year for the 16th Annual Reader’s Choice Awards.” –John DeBartola

our congratulations also to

1st Runner Up: Janet Palovich

2nd Runner Up: Sue Kerr

Together, The Keystone Alliance/GayLife Newsletter is a Multi-State, National Gay Organization, raising money for charity, providing monthly support meetings/educational events, hosting gay pride events, sponsoring free HIV Testing and education, encouraging political exchange and dialogue, sponsoring educational events and speakers, hosting the Reader’s Choice Awards, running several pageants, and writing editorials in various local newspapers. They host a TV show on cable Ch 21 in Pittsburgh every Wednesday at 11 pm, the only gay programming locally done in PA to help raise awareness for the Trevor Project, and stand up for those who need protection and equal rights in the community. They also provide a twice monthly news publication and Thursday Weekly Updates with various news columns and information. Whew!

As a political advocacy group standing up for the community, currently the organization is fighting for the Pride event in Johnstown,  PA, and your support is greatly appreciated.

Be sure to check out Lauren’s column, The Uneven Bars

Congratulations, Lauren!

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One comment on “Vanilla Heart Publishing’s Own Lauren Shiro Wins Lesbian of the Year!
  1. chellecordero says:

    Lauren Shiro so deserves this fantastic acknowledgement – Kudos!

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