Liliana by Neva Squires-Rodriguez Now Available in Print and All Ebook Editions!

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Book 1, The Liliana Series

by Neva Squires-Rodriguez

Boom!  That deafening sound changed Liliana’s life forever.

Her mother sits dead besides her, shot to death on the streets of Chicago.

Within weeks, Liliana is sent to live with a father she doesn’t know in Colombia – a foreign land filled with challenges for Liliana. While working to pay off her father’s debt, she meets the love of her life, who frees her from her father’s illusory home, only to bring her into a new world of twisted surprises, dangers, and deceit.




My heart broke for Liliana …

reviewed by Teresa Cypher on Amazon

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This review is from: Liliana (The Liliana Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

“I’m still not sure what genre it fits, but the book is outstanding. The author’s voice is perfect for this story. And I could not put the book down. I read it on one sitting.

Liliana is just a 13 year old typical teen when her American mother is murdered in front of her. With no other relatives–save for one aunt who has 6 children of her own and lives in poverty, she is forced to go to Columbia and live with a father she hasn’t seen since she was 3 years old.

The character building and world building are excellent. My heart broke for Liliana when her life came crashing down around her. I rooted for her. I was happy for her when she finally found a friend in her new employer. I despised her father. The cast of supporting characters all elicited emotional responses from me.

It’s first in a series and I look forward to reading more.”

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Author Neva Squires-Rodriguez


Neva Squires-Rodriguez was born and raised in a neighborhood located on the North Side of Chicago. Mother, Wife, Expert at Multitasking… and now, Author, Neva creates electrifying stories with a twist.

Neva Squires-Rodriguez earned her Masters Degree from National University, a feat which she worked very hard to obtain and says she will work even harder to pay off.

She claims to be a typical American, full of dreams that will hopefully get her to a more comfortable lifestyle one day. She says, “God has a plan and I will follow wherever it is that He takes me.”


Where to find Neva Squires-Rodriguez online


Twitter: @NevaRodriguez22



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