In His Honor… The Shelter Director by Lauren Shiro – Ebook Now Available!



In celebration of her grandfather’s profound influence and support,

Lauren and Vanilla Heart Publishing dedicate The Shelter Director to him.

From the Dedication to the entire Loving Her Series…


I dedicate this entire group of stories to the loving memory of my grandfather. My hero, my rock, my greatest fan. He always encouraged and supported my writing. It is because of him that you are reading these and I wrote them. Thank you will never be enough. Rest in peace, RPK. You are greatly loved and missed.


TSD ereader with hands

Book 6

Loving Her, the series

The Shelter Director

by Lauren Shiro


Shy, quiet, humble – Jen is the kind of person that would give you the shirt off her back and then ask you what else you need. She may not be a movie star, but she’ll treat you like one. She works diligently to help save cats. She sacrifices her life and stability to accommodate her partner. She gives until it hurts, and her reward is a devastating diagnosis. What will her life become?











TSD Cover clip

The Shelter Director Sneak Peek Video



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