Malcolm R. Campbell’s Garden of Heaven Trilogy in Print and Ebook

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in Print and in Ebook!

The Garden of Heaven Trilogy

The Garden of Heaven Trilogy’s sulfurous mixture of earthy magic and celestial passion create a volatile journey for protagonist David Ward and his companions, Sikimí, the black horse of dreams, Píta, the golden eagle of infinite vision, and Maistó, the wise raven trickster, and a diverse cast of cunning and wondrous characters.

The Seeker, The Sailor and The Betrayed comprise a grand quest into realms where magic and mystery conspire against the living and the dead, where appearances are frequently humorous but always deceiving, and where a good story trumps the lesser truths of the world.

David’s story of visions, love and loss unfolds via three The Garden of Heaven fantasy adventures, The Seeker, The Sailor and The Betrayed in a journey that carries him from the Montana’s Glacier National Park to Florida’s Gulf Coast to the Central Illinois prairie. En route, he climbs the world’s most dangerous mountain, swims with the Goddess in Hawai’i, repairs aircraft engines onboard an aircraft carrier in the South China Sea, and meets a lover, a betrayer, a wife, an angel and a sorceress.


“He daydreams in the center of the old range, where the land rolls like a sea in slow motion, where substantial water is a treasure, where bluebunch wheatgrass and rough fescue have long served, where the sky detests fences, where the seasons are task masters, where predators and gods strip the impractical from the bone.” – The Seeker


“As a deck log would describe the movement of a Navy ship, he can say that while ‘maneuvering at various courses and speeds while conducting flight operations’ he would soon see the seven seas and descend into hell. After that, home was a long way off as the crow flies.” – The Sailor



“That night, while the smoke of spent memories found the wind, Maistó came to him in the dream world, sat next to a single berry on the dark blackgum tree, dropped a blindfold at his feet, and said, “you will no longer need this.” “It has become frayed from constant use,” said David. “Have I risen from the dead?” “Katoya’s Little Bear Cub, you have yet to die.” – The Betrayed

Vanilla Heart Publishing invites readers to savor unforgettable memories of Anne, the girl in the valley of the Garden of Heaven; Katoya, the medicine woman grandmother who drives with her eyes closed; Jayee, the rancher with a profound hatred of wolves and eagles; Jack Rose, the A-4 pilot who dreams of girls and mountains; Eve, who knows the secrets of Moon Hill and Tate’s Hell; Nate, the campus employee who thinks like a soldier; and Siobhan, the Hawai’ian mystic who was born in the dream world.

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Garden of Heaven Videos

The Seeker

The Sailor

The Betrayed

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