Announcing Lauren Shiro’s Loving Her, Volume 1 in Print and Ebook!

LH V1 Matchbook pair

Loving Her

the series, Volume 1

by Lauren Shiro

Loving Her, Volume 1 by Lauren Shiro is now available in Print and All Ebook Formats!

 4 in 1 graphic LH V1

Love Without Boundaries

In this series of stories, we meet a group of loving friends and couples. Each member of this group is diverse in personalities and abilities, but they are tied together by the common denominator -love.

Chelle Cordero, Combining Passion & Suspense

The Ballerina
A southern, redheaded, pickup driving lesbian ballerina? You bet! Meet Liz: a southern belle with flair. Vivacious, eclectic and graceful, she is unique to say the least.

The Cop
Donna White is one tough cop. Behind the badge, though, is a very sweet, sad, sensitive soul. Truly a woman alone, Donna is simply trying to navigate her way through life. Who is Donna? She is dedicated, determined, distinctive and deep.

The Mechanic
Linda – her name means beautiful… After facing rejection from her parents because she is a lesbian, Linda didn’t feel beautiful… she felt lost and alone. As a skilled mechanic, Linda built her business… Her love life was a different matter. Until Katie…

The Model
She’s exotic. She’s beautiful. She’s talented. She’s unique. She’s Stephania. A young successful model who started from nothing, she has experienced all the ups and downs of life. Never one to be kept down, she persists through life’s trials and reaches for the fairytale ending she has always hoped for.

LH V1 Matchbook pair





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 cover flat for Lauren small

Loving Her Volume 1 Sneak Peek Video

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